Delivering Cutting-Edge Orthopedic Software Solutions

Founded from within the world-renowned Auckland Bioengineering Institute, the Formus platform employs cutting-edge biomechanics and machine learning to empower surgeons and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

News from the lab


Research & development

Global Partnership

With a leading orthopedic provider

HealthTech Awards

NZ Best Translational Research Project in MedTech CoRE’s

Our Team

Jamie Kydd

Ignacio De Maio

Alex Carleton
Clinical Support Engineer

Cynthia Alafriz
Business Support Manager

Lilian Lim
Clinical Research Associate

Zoe Hart
Country Manager - Australia

Antonije Velevski
Co-founder, Software Engineer

Ju Zhang, PhD
Founder, CEO

Our Board

Prof Thor Besier
Co-founder, Director
Debra Hall
Investor Director
Sabeen Shaikh
Independent Director

Clinical and Scientific Advisors

Dr Paul Monk
MBBS, FRCS EDIN, CCT TR & ORTH; Orthopedic Consultant, Auckland Hospital; Associate Professor, University of Auckland
Dr Nicholas Giori, MD, PhD
Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, VA Palo Alto; Prof Orthopedics, Stanford
Dr George Grammatopoulos
BSc (Hons), MBBS (Hons), DPhil, FRCS (Tr&Orth); Surgeon, Ottawa Hospital; Associated Professor, University of Ottawa
Prof Thor Besier
Co-founder, Director
A/Prof Justin Fernandez
Co-founder, Science Advisor

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