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First Australian Hire

Formus Labs has recently hired Zoe Hart as their Australian Country Manager. Zoe is the company’s first representative in Australia. She will lead business development, marketing/sales strategies and build the name of Formus Labs, helping to bring more surgeons on board and support the sales team of our commercial partner. 

  • What is your career background? 

I’ve worked in the orthopedic industry for  six years, where I started working with a company not dissimilar to Formus Labs within the pre-operative planning space. This gave me the opportunity to work across Australia, as well as internationally, and gave me a very good grounding in the industry. 

  • Why appealed to you about working for Formus Labs? 

Being involved in the orthopedic tech space previously, I know how fast paced and exciting this space is while also being familiar with the challenges associated with it  For a health provider, having a company like Formus Labs available really differentiates their business, helping to provide value to their patients. It’s exciting to be able to offer such a high-tech solution, which can really make a difference to their patients

  • What are you excited about in your role and for Formus Labs in the future? 

The Formus Labs team has done great work developing their tech and getting it to a stage that is commercialisable. I’m looking forward to getting out into the industry and taking the product to surgeons. Having the opportunity to grow the user base and commercialise the product from the beginning is really exciting. There’s a lot to do, but that’s a good thing! 

There is a big focus on patient outcomes in the orthopedic industry at the moment, especially being able to follow the patient through their whole journey. Formus Labs has the ability to make a positive impact in that space, from surgical preparation through to recovery of patients. At the end of the day it’s about the end user, and that’s where Formus Labs’ technology is making a big difference.

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