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Formus Software Enters Clinical Evaluations

Formus Labs has begun formal clinical evaluations of its world-first personalized planning software for orthopedic surgeons. This platform uses AI and population modeling to enable surgeons to streamline the pre-operative planning process for hip replacement surgeries.

These multi-center clinical evaluations are being carried out across five centers around Australasia in conjunction with our clinical advisory board, headed up by Dr. Paul Monk.

“We’re excited to be moving forward with these clinical evaluations, and we look forward to proving the value of this software in real-world cases. We’re eager to give surgeons a hands-on look at our software, which will improve both their workflow and the lives of their patients”, enthused Formus CEO, Ju Zhang.

Having worked closely with surgeons throughout the entire development cycle, the Formus team is extremely confident in the efficacy of the platform and its ability to make an immediate impact. By incorporating surgeons’ feedback from both a usability and a clinical point of view, this version of the software has been refined using real-world data to reflect the needs of both surgeons and patients.

“In addition to our participating surgeons and the entire Formus Labs team, I would like to thank our orthopedics partner for providing invaluable input and guidance throughout the development process. We look forward to what this next phase of development brings”, continued Ju Zhang.

These formal evaluations represent the final phase in the development cycle before regulatory approval is sought ahead of a scheduled product launch later this year.

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