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‘Formus Spine’ Tech Demo Successfully Debuts

The Formus Labs team has recently debuted a tech demo of 'Formus Spine' at the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association (NZOA) conference held in Wellington this October. Formus Spine is currently in development as an AI-driven automated planning platform for spinal fusion surgery.

The Formus platform is the world’s first AI-automated 3D planner for joint replacement surgeries, focusing on the hip and shoulder joints. The vision for Formus Spine is to expand upon the platform’s capabilities to also provide spinal surgeons with an unprecedented level of insight into the pre-op planning process.

“Though it is still early in the development process, our tech demo currently generates a 3D model of the lumbar spine in only a few minutes. The eventual goal is to provide automated planning assistance in both the supine position as well as the standing or weight-bearing position. Formus Spine, once completed, will provide the user with biomechanical simulations of the spine pre- and post-operatively, enabling surgeons to accurately view how exact implant placement is likely to affect patient outcomes”, expanded Formus CEO, Dr. Ju Zhang.

These biomechanical simulations will demonstrate how both the selection and position of a particular implant will alter the posture of the spine. Much like the current Formus platform used for the hip and shoulder joints, empowering surgeons in this way will lead to lower costs, greater workflow efficiency, and a better overall fit for patients.

Formus Spine has been developed with assistance from Callaghan Innovation, who has been instrumental to its current trajectory. Having already attracted commercial interest from major players in the industry, we look forward to bringing you much more on Formus Spine in the months to come.

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