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New Clinical Hire

With the support of Callaghan Innovation, Formus Labs has recently hired a Clinical Research Associate. Lilian Lim came to Formus Labs from a year as a research assistant with the Musculoskeletal Modelling Group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) after completing her Masters of Engineering in 2020. 

At the Musculoskeletal Modelling Group, Lilian’s primary focus was on investigating a markerless motion capture technique for capturing and analysing infant movements.

At Formus Labs, Lilian will be conducting and documenting clinical research studies inline with the company's overall commercial and product strategies. She is excited to be able to join and grow in a company with passionate people that are also enthusiastic about delivering innovative healthcare solutions.

Formus Labs CEO Ju Zhang says this role will help the company engage with leading surgeons by supporting their work with the technology. 

“We’re at the stage now where we’ve processed more than 400 cases in the real world and we’re building up a body of evidence of the accuracy of our technology, as well as evidence of it helping to improve clinical outcomes. Lilian’s role will help to analyse that data to quantify those improvements in outcomes at the clinical, patient, and health economic levels.” says Ju. 

Ju says it is an important part of Formus Labs’ ethos to create opportunities that enable top researchers and students to make an impact in industry and in the clinic. 

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