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Welcoming new board member Sabeen Shaikh

Formus Labs recently appointed medical devices business leader Sabeen Shaikh to its board. 

Hailing from the midwest in the US, more recently Australia and now residing in Queenstown, Shaikh joins the board with more than 17 years’ experience in the medical device and orthopedic industry. 

Formus Labs CEO Dr Ju Zhang says after meeting Shaikh, he moved quickly to bring her on to the board.

We’ve been looking for someone with Shaikh’s industry experience for a while, so we snapped her up and she’s been providing a lot of helpful insights. We really value her unique perspective coming from the US and what her experience brings to the table,” he says.  

Here we asked Shaikh to respond to some questions about her appointment:

Why did you join Formus Labs’ Board?

SS: I joined Formus Labs’ Board because I was inspired by Ju’s authenticity as a founder, his desire to become a great leader, and the backgrounds of the other Board members. I always choose ‘team’ first and how we can all work together, and believe that with the unique backgrounds of everyone and the shared passion for success, we would all grow together! And, the Formus technology itself is quite impressive and forward thinking, which is the area I tend to play in most.

Where do you see as the future for Formus Labs?

SS: I see an opportunity for Formus Labs to add tremendous value in the global marketplace and become part of the standard toolkit that orthopedic surgeons will use in preparing for an implant. Eventually, it will be something that all surgeries will include as part of the standard preparation.


What will you bring to the company?

SS: I come with 17 years of healthcare experience that spans across the US and Asia-Pacific markets in various leadership roles. In these roles, I’ve worked with a number of varied Class 1 to Class 3 products, various corporations and I understand corporate and market trends. I have commercialised a number of products in my career so not only can I advise on go-to-market strategies, I can also advise on the strategic conversations with corporates, as I bring numerous global networks with me. I also have a personal passion to help new technologies arising out of Asia-Pacific to gain global visibility and reach successful outcomes!

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